Affirmations For Weight Loss

Affirmations are a great way to create change.And when it comes to losing weight you can use affirmations to help you drop the pounds you want.

But there are a few things you need to know.

You won't simply watch the weight disappear by working with affirmations.

Instead, you'll start doing things differently.

You'll change your eating habits and you'll no longer want to carry the weight.

That's because affirmations force you to change your behavior.

By reciting the affirmations repeatedly you change the way you think and see things.

So when it comes to losing weight - you'll create new thought patterns so that you no longer want to eat junk food or food that leads to more weight.

You can take things further by creating affirmations that compel you to exercise more and do the right exercise.

You may not have an exercise plan right now but with the right affirmations you'll find the right exercise plan.


When working with affirmations you don't have to go on a diet. You can if you want to and you can use the right affirmations to help you stay on that diet.

Changes happen quickly when your mind accepts the affirmations and they become beliefs.

Some people will adopt new beliefs and change their beliefs very quickly.Others may take longer.

But the affirmations will only start to have an impact on your way of living when they become beliefs.

So if you have a belief that says it’s hard to lose weight or it’s difficult to drop the pounds or that you have to work hard to be healthy, then these beliefs have to be changed.

You can create affirmations that target what you want and in the above you would want to believe that it’s easy to lose weight, that it’s easy to drop the pounds, that you can be healthy easily. When these affirmations become beliefs, you’ll start to change your actions and things will actually get easier.

How long before the affirmations take hold and become beliefs?

That really depends on how many negative thoughts you have, how long they’ve been there and how often you recite the affirmations.

The sooner you start creating affirmations to help you lose weight the sooner you’ll see changes. It’s also important to create affirmations that lead to action so that you actually do the right things to lose weight.

Don’t fall into the trap of expecting affirmations to be a magical cure.

There is always work to be done and that work - the physical things you do will re-enforce the affirmations and the affirmations re-enforce the work.

Keep your affirmations in the present tense.

Recite them as often as you can when ever you can.

Here are some examples of affirmations to lose weight and get healthy:

I eat healthy food and vegetables at each meal.

I’ve reached my ideal weight

I enjoy exercising

I’m doing the right things to reach my ideal weight

I exercise everyday

My body is in good health and improving everyday.

I am strong and healthy

I only eat healthy food

I’m filled with energy

These are just examples of affirmations for being healthy or losing weight.

Affirmations impact the subconscious mind and when you have the subconscious mind working for you - then you can achieve anything.

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