Do Affirmations Work

Do Affirmations Work?

Do affirmations really work? I’ve been asked that question numerous times.

Most of you have probably heard that saying affirmations over and over again can change your life - but do they really work?

The answer - yes and no!


The right affirmations, done properly and applied with other techniques can really make a difference. The wrong affirmations, said the wrong way and not applied properly - will be completely ineffective, and can create disasters in your life.

So just how do you apply the right affirmations in the right way so that you get results?

Read on and you'll find out.

Thoughts are instructions sent to your subconscious mind. Thoughts repeated regularly become beliefs. After a while you start to believe what you repeatedly think.

Now just because you think that you might get into a car accident - doesn't mean that you will get into a car accident.

But if you BELIEVE that you will get into a car accident - there's a strong chance that you will.

For affirmations to really work you have to believe them.

This is why most affirmations don't work because most people recite affirmations but don't believe them.

But you can get affirmations to work if you create the right affirmations, apply them correctly and use other techniques to help you believe the affirmations that you continually recite.

Here's an example of a poor affirmation that will likely have little or no impact. It's one I've heard people use over and over only to get frustrating results - here it is:“Money flows to me naturally and easily.”

Why won't this affirmation work?

First of all money doesn't flow. It's not a river - and your mind cannot identify with this concept of money flowing. Money is something you earn, you work for it. Money exchanges hands. You give something to get money - even winning the lottery requires that you give money to get a ticket that may win. You don't see money flowing - and your mind cannot accept the fact that money flows because there is no reference point that suggest money flows.

In order for the affirmation to work your mind has to be able to accept it, believe it and this requires a reference point.

If you said: I know how to make money easily your mind would likely be able to better accept this affirmation and you could begin to believe it. But in order to believe the affirmation your mind will need a reference point to support it. You may have to refer to a time or situation where you made money easily. You may have to look at other people who are making money easily.

When you have a reference point that supports your affirmation something that your mind can refer to in order to support the affirmation you can begin to believe it.

For example: saying an affirmation like I'm a millionaire is difficult to accept unless you were once a millionaire.

But an affirmation that says: There are plenty of ways to make a million dollars and I've found the right way to make a million dollars can be easier to accept because you can come up with many ways that people have made a million dollars. When you do that you give the affirmation a reference point that supports it. For example: you could list all the ways that people have made millions of dollars - after you say your affirmation and the mind and subconscious mind can begin to accept the possibility.

If you want affirmations to work create the right affirmations.

Make sure your affirmations are targeted and have a solid reference point. Your affirmations should be believable so support the affirmation by giving it examples of how they can be accomplished.

Affirmations are really thoughts and your thoughts are affirmations. So if you repeatedly say negative things to yourself or have negative thoughts - then you're really feeding your subconscious mind negative instructions.

If you say an affirmation once a day and then fill your mind up with negative thoughts, negative examples and have an overall negative attitude your affirmation will never work.

Saying an affirmation once a day will have little or no impact. You need to say your affirmations regularly throughout the day. Filling your mind up with negative thoughts and having an overall negative attitude will eliminate the power of your affirmations.

If you want your affirmations to have an impact and help you create the changes you want then you'll have to change your attitude so that what you think is in line with what your affirmations say.

For example: If you want to get a new job and you say I've found a new job - you can't follow it up with a series of negative thoughts like - there are no good jobs. Nobody's hiring. For the affirmation to work you have to have an attitude and thought process that is in line with what you want to achieve.

Create affirmations that you can believe.

Create affirmations that you can support with a solid reference.

Your attitude and mindset should be in line with your affirmation - that means eliminating negative thoughts. Start creating positive affirmations that work and direct your subconscious mind to help you achieve your goals.

Keep your affirmations short and simple. Keep them in the present tense.

Affirmations are meant to direct your subconscious mind to create the life you want. But there are many other techniques that you can work with to help you direct your subconscious mind to create the life you want. Saying an affirmation while working with other techniques will catapult your results.

One step is to eliminate negative thinking. Fill your mind up with positive thoughts, think of possibilities instead of limitations, think of why you can instead of why you can't, and support others in their quest to make their lives better.

Give yourself some time to achieve your goals and create the changes you want. Things won't change or improve overnight. While the process will begin instantly - change will take time. Often people give up just when they're on the verge of achieving their goals. Don't give up. If you feel like giving up - push yourself to continue a little longer.

You have unlimited powers.

You are a remarkable human being.

You are capable of doing anything you want - as long as you direct your subconscious mind to help you achieve your goals and believe that you can - you will.

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You can achieve your goals.

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You can get exactly what you want.

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