Positive Thinking and Perception

Positive Thinking And Perception

Have you ever been asked if your glass is half empty or half full?

It's really all about perception or how you see things. If you're the kind of person who applies positive thinking regularly you'll likely see the glass as half full. Someone who doesn't apply positive thinking or is a negative thinker will see the glass as half empty.

Positive thinking can shape and alter your perception. You may feel your perception or how you see things is very real. But your perception is based on how you see things and what you believe. How you see things and what you believe is based on what you think.

If you regularly think that life is difficult you'll begin to believe that life is difficult and you'll see life as being difficult. Your perception of life will be that it's difficult. Your thoughts and beliefs will then mirror that perception and it all starts with a simple thought process.

Positive thinking can change those perceptions. When you change your perception you eventually change your reality. This is the power of positive thinking and that's why it becomes important to apply positive thinking everyday.


So if you're seeing the glass as half full then you should take a look at your perceptions of the world. You might be surprised to discover how you really see things. If you have a negative view then you likely will experience limited success and may end up having more and more struggle.

Doctors and scientists are now asking patients who are going in for surgery to apply positive thinking ahead of time in an effort to shift their perceptions about recovery. They've found that those who are optmisitc and upbeat tend to have better recoveries. The conclusion is that seeing the glass as half full leads to an overall better quality of life; you're just happier and more successful.

To reap the full benefits you need to apply positive thining everyday. That means constantly paying attention to your thoughts and shifting your thoughs to the positive as often as you can. At first this may not be easy but over time, when it becomes a habit, it will be easier.

How will you know that the positive thinking is making an impact or that you're making progress? Well, if you start seeing the glass as half full then you're a positive thinker.

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