Science And Power Of Positive Thinking

Science And The Power Of Positive Thinking

The power of positive thinking. Does it really work? Is there a science behind it?

You’ve probably heard about the power of positive thinking many, many times. People will tell you to use the Power of positive thinking all the time, especially when things go wrong, and often they have no idea what it really means.

It’s great to think positive and it’s easy to have positive thinking when you feel good about yourself or your life.

But it gets more challenging to think positive when things aren’t going so well, when you’re having a bad day, or got into an argument or when you don’t get what you want, or when you’re incredibly stressed that you just don’t want to deal with anyone.

It’s at times like those that it becomes more difficult to apply the power of positive thinking. You’re usually so tired or annoyed that you can barely think straight, let alone be positive. And that’s when the negative thoughts take over.

But it’s at those times that you really need to remain positive, think positive, be optimistic and focus on the positive aspect of life.

Now I know at first it won’t be easy but as you practice it more often you’ll be able to train your mind to be more positive and you’ll begin to see the benefits that come with the power of positive thinking. When that happens; you begin to see some real changes in your life.


You see positive thinking works. There’s real power in it.

Positive thinking also physically changes your brain.

Science has proven that your thoughts change shape of your brain and the way it works. They’ve also discovered that the brain continues to grow and can work in different ways over time. This breakthrough finding is positive for those who suffer strokes, or have a mental illness that was once looked as incurable. Today, they have hope and may be able to work with positive thinking to reshape their brains and activate portions of their brains that were once considered non-functional.

The bottom line is that constant, regular, and repeated positive thinking and doing positive things daily can not only re-wire your brain, it can make it stronger and stimulate parts that allow you to enjoy greater success.

If you do the work, the brain can be altered and in the process your life will change. It’s that simple. This is the real power of positive thinking but you have to do the work.

These findings come from Dr. Norman Doidge. His book on the brain details exactly how positive thinking works on the brain. I recommend it for further reading. He calls it “brain plasticity.” It’s also better know as NueroPlasticity.

But you have to do the work and this means being more positive, thinking more positive and focusing on positive situations.

Now here are some things you can do get this process to work for you even during those tough times.

Worrying: Worrying is when you think about a problem over and over again without coming up with an acceptable solution. It leads to anxiety, loss of sleep which creates more anxiety and more negative thoughts. You keep seeing the worst possible outcome and get obsessed with it.

Solution: Start by re-directing your thoughts. This is an easy fix – just think of something different. Stop yourself from thinking about it and do something else if you have to. Think about the best possible outcome instead of the worst. Push your mind to think of positive things instead, even if their completely un-related. Break the pattern of worrying by pushing your mind to think of something else and something positive.

Fear: Fear is common. Everyone experiences fear on some level. But those who are positive and high achievers don’t let fear stop them. If you fear stops you it’s because you’re always thinking of what could go wrong, and why you’re not good enough. You’re letting the negative thoughts dominate.

Solution: Start thinking about how things will work out, why you can do what you want and focus on finding the right solution. When the negative thoughts start to dominate change them to positive thoughts and focus on your positive qualities. Start taking positive actions to achieve your outcome.

Procrastinating: This is where you keep putting things off because you’re afraid you may fail, or you’re thinking of why things won’t work out – so you keep putting them off.

Solution: Stop thinking about why things won’t work out and think about why they can. How you can succeed. Think about your positive qualities and think of how achieving what you want will help you improve your life. Fill your mind with positive outcomes and get started.

Mental Illness: A mental illness can include being slightly depressed, extreme anxiety, crippling phobias, sever depression, etc.

Solution: Work with a good counselor. Applying positive thinking on your own is a good start. But when you work with a good counselor who is trained in Cognitive Behavior Therapy they’ll be able to help you change the most destructive thoughts and develop a positive thinking pattern that works for you. It’s important to uncover these thoughts and change them. You can try working on your own but you may need some additional help and that’s where a counselor with the right training can help.

Doctors are now applying neuroplasticity to treat a variety of disorders. All of this shows that there is real power in positive thinking. You just have to work with it, apply it regularly and be consistent.

By working with what Dr. Doidge outlines you’ll end up being happier, more optimistic, more intelligent and possibly live a longer happier life.

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