Achieving Goals And Positive Thinking

If you want to achieve your goals you first have to decide what they are and why they are important. And you have to apply some positive thinking to help you set the right goals. By positive thinking you should first keep the goal in the positive.

An example is to make ---- amount of money.

A negative goal would be - I don't want to be in debt.

The negative goal focuses on what you don't want and you'll end up attracting or creating more of what you don't want.

When you focus on the positive and apply positive thinking you focus on what you want.


Now if you can't decide on your goals or if you don't know what you want then you can apply positive thinking to help you discover what you want. In this case you would create some positive affirmations to say "I know what I want to achieve" or "I know what I want in life."

Once you have your goals in place you need to keep thinking about them and be positive about being able to achieve these goals. It's also important to continually focus on what you want and not what you don't want.

Applying positive thinking you need to continually believe that you can and will achieve your goals. Setting them is the first step, now apply positive thinking patterns to help you succeed. Positive thinking means that you regularly think about why you can achieve your goals, how you can achieve your goals and how you can succeed.

Positive thining also requires that you eliminate the negative thinking and limiting beliefs as quickly as possible.

At first you may feel that it's difficult to apply positive thinking and this only happens because your mind is rejecting the negative thinking patterns in favor of past thinking. Your mind is used to being negative, not positive. But as you regularly apply positive thinking the new way of thinking and seeing thing becomes a habit.

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