Why You Need To Be Your Best

Why You Always Need To Be Your Best

Being your best is crucial to your success.

It's crucial to your overall well being and fosters a positive "can do attitude."

When you're always giving your best you're telling your subconscious mind and your inner powers that you expect nothing but the best. You're really practicing positive thinking without realizing. When you give your best you simply get the best in return.

By being at your best you would attract and meet positive, supportive people who respect you and enjoy your company and give you the best they have to offer.

By being your best you attract the best in every situation, you attract the best outcomes and you attract the right people.


Because when you're at your best you exude the positive energy that draws the best people, the best situations and the best circumstances to help you achieve greater success in all areas of your life.


Being your best also means that you don't get caught up in how you think other people see you. Sure some people's opinions will matter to you. But the goal is not to focus on doing what they want or expect of you. instead, just aim to be the best possible person you can. As you keep doing this you'll be seen as the best in many areas.

You simply won't be able to please all of the people all of the time. So don't waste time and energy trying to please everybody. Be your best and you'll attract the best.

How You Can Be Your Best

Only you can be you. And if you respect who you are and you believe in who you are then others will soon start to respect you and believe in you. When you truly believe in yourself and when you believe that you are unique and capable of achieving your goals, then you're going at your best. You're doing your best, your thinking positive, you're focusing on your positive qualities and you're attracting more positive people and positive situations.

If you spend too much time trying to win over people or trying to make everybody happy, you'll only attract people who want you to win them over and you'll attract people who demand that you keep them happy. This ends up being a no win situation, or a negative process.

Sure you want people to like and respect you, for who you are. And this is important. You want to be liked but people will like you more and respect you more when you always give your best and when you focus on doing your best.

If want to win people over and if you really want to get along better with people then you first have to appreciate yourself for who you are.

And you do that by focusing on the things that you like about yourself. Take a moment or 2 everyday to think of all the positive qualities that you have. Appreciate these qualities and compliment yourself for your positive qualities.

This develops a positive thining process that allows you to create more positive energy. When you focus on your best or positive qualities others will naturally see these qualities and will want to be around you and help you. You'll only attract people with similar positive qualities. You should also work on changing the things you don't like about yourself.

Begin to believe in yourself. Focus on your past achievements and begin to believe that you can live the life you want. Believe that you can accomplish your goals and that you can win people over. Believe that you can succeed at anything that you do - and you will.

It's a simple process of getting the mind to focus on what you are, what you can do and on your best qualities.

Once you do that - your subconscious mind will begin to attract the people, situations and events that will support what you believe - and that's when things really star to change. That's when people will see the best in you and then you'll begin being the best that you can. Begin believing in yourself today.

The next step is to be the kind of person you want to be and attract.

If you want positive, good, loving, caring people and people who respect you - then you need to display those same qualities.

You will attract that which you are.

If you're angry, mean, cruel, unkind and disrespectful - then those are the kind of people that you will attract.

People pick up on your energy - if you exude positive, loving and caring energy you'll attract people who have the same qualities.

How do you begin to change your energy and begin to be the kind of person that you want to attract into your life?

Start with your thoughts.

Regularly have positive, confident, caring and respectful thoughts. Have the best possible thoughts about any situation and you'll attract the best possible outcome.

In the beginning this won't be easy - you'll have to change the thoughts that you have.

But as you change your thoughts you begin to send a new message to your subconscious mind.

You then push your subconscious mind to attract the people and situations that will help you build your confidence, respect you, encourage you and be supportive.

Start being the person you want to be. Start being the kind of person you want to attract into your life. Don't waste too much time and energy on people's opinions - you don't have to be what people think of you. Be yourself - and believe in yourself.

Don't waste time and energy worrying about what other people think about you.

Focus on being who you want to be and you'll attract the people that will help you and enjoy being with you.

Here's a little exercise that you can do: everyday make it a point to do something really, really well. Put your best effort into at least one task everyday.

Then after a week - expand to doing two things at your best. Keep expanding every week and before you know it you'll be at your best all the time. And in the process you'll attract the best all the time.

At the same time you should make it a point to go the extra mile for someone everyday.

I know some of you may say: "I go the extra mile for people all the time and all I get is a kick in return." That's not what this exercise is about.

The above exercise will help you attract new people so that you're no longer treated like a doormat.

Focus on doing the right things. Make sure you do your best at least one thing everyday - then expand to two things everyday the following wee and keep expanding each week.

Begin to believe in yourself and you will begin to change your energy so that you attract the right people into your life.

By being your best and by going the extra mile for people you will begin to believe in yourself. You will get your create positive energy and get your subconscious mind working for you.

Remember - be yourself. Focus on your positive qualities. Push yourself to do your best everyday. Be the best person that you can. Go the extra mile. Believe in yourself - because you can do anything when you put your mind to it.

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