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It is sad to know that people go through life wondering how to be positive, but never really getting it.  They end up trying to be happy and positive to little or no avail.  There are most likely many reasons why they end up staying in their negative state, but rest assured that you can learn how to be positive with some insight, consistency, and effort.

If you’re wondering how to be positive, you’re probably struggling with negative thoughts and emotions.  It’s also likely that the reason you’re feeling unhappy or negative is because over the years you’ve allowed negative thoughts to run rampant in your mind.

How to be positive: Monitor Your Thoughts

The first step in learning how to be positive is to monitor your current thoughts to see what kinds of thoughts are predominantly running through your mind.  If you are not feeling positive or happy, chances are that you’ve adopted a negative mindset and the key to fostering a positive mindset is to recognize the negative thoughts and counter them with positive thoughts.

How to be positive: Replace negative thoughts

Once you’ve targeted negative thoughts you can replace them with more productive thoughts. For example, if you tend to think, “I’ll never be successful in my business” quite often, write down this positive affirmation and think and recite it as often as you can:  “I am very successful in my business.”  You must take control over those negative thoughts and infiltrate your mind with positive thoughts. As a result, your attitude will change and you will be learning how to be positive.

How to be positive: Your focus is important

 What you focus on is very important as to what kind of mood you find yourself in. If you focus on negative things and entertain negative thoughts, you will not be very happy or optimistic. On the other hand, if you focus on positive things and entertain positive thoughts, you will be more positive and optimistic.

Focus on all of the good things in your life.  By doing so, you’ll have good thoughts running through your mind and that will in turn attract more positive things toward you.  Another good idea is to focus on things that you want instead of on your current distressing situation.

For example, if you are faced with a lot of bills and are concerned about money, stop focusing on your lack. Instead, focus on all of the ways more income can come to you, focus on being wealthy and living in abundance, recite positive affirmations about how good your financial situation is, and offer gratitude for favor in every financial situation.  By focusing on and visualizing the good that you desire, you’re actually attracting good into your life and learning how to be positive in every situation.

Learning how to be positive involves expecting the best for you and making sure that you keep your thought life monitored.  Counter negative thoughts with positive thoughts and stay focused on what it is you desire.  You can learn how to be positive beginning today