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How Positive Thinking Changes Behavior

Positive thinking certainly can change behavior and many people have been able to do just that.  They were once steeped in negative thought patterns but learned the power of positive thinking and how it could change their behavior for the better.

The study of positive thinking, which is called neuroplasticity, has greatly increased over the years and today many scientists are getting the word out on the positive results it can have on behavior.

Awareness of thoughts

Most people are not even aware that they are thinking an enormous amount of thoughts per day.  They’re not consciously aware of the kinds of thoughts going through their minds either.  There are people who are depressed or riddled with anxiety and they have no idea that it is mainly due to the negative mindset they have developed through the years. This is why it’s vital to become aware of the types of thoughts going through the mind.

To become aware of whether you think more positive or negative thoughts, take a few days to monitor your thoughts.  Write down any negative thoughts that you seem to dwell on.  See if you’re practicing primarily negative or positive thinking.

Counter the negative thoughts

Once you have completed this, counter the negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Write down positive affirmations and recite them daily. Memorize them so that when you notice yourself beginning to dwell on a negative thought, you can immediately counter it with a positive thought.

Positive Thinking Changes Behavior

Positive thinking can change your behavior.  If you’re engaged with positive thoughts, your emotions will be more positive, thus producing more positive behavior. For example, let’s say you’re beginning your day getting ready for work. As you put your make up on and do your hair, you recite a list of positive affirmations about you and your life.  You speak the affirmations like you really mean them.

As you do so, your brain is being wired to produce positive emotions so you are feeling pretty good.  As you walk out the door to go to work, you are smiling and ready for the day.  You have engaged in positive thinking all morning and your attitude and behavior reflect that.

On the other hand, if you’re getting ready for work and you’re continually thinking about how you hate your job, how your boss is mean, how your boyfriend doesn’t appreciate you enough, and how you’ll never amount to anything, your brain is being wired for negative emotions so you will inevitably feel bad.  You will dread going to work and your mood will certainly be negative throughout the day unless you begin to change your thought pattern.

Create a new life with positive thinking

Positive thinking, along with positive visualization, has been highly regarded by professional athletes who want to improve their performance.  There have been numerous athletes who admit to utilizing positive thinking to have better results as they compete.

You can create a new life for yourself by learning how to develop a positive mindset.  It is not difficult to do and simply requires a little bit of time and effort. Once you’ve developed the habit of thinking positive, it will come more naturally.  Begin today by monitoring your thought life and determine to counter any negative thoughts with positive thoughts.