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Positive Thinking And Better Health

Now there’s a direct link between Positive thinking and better health, thanks to new research and the findings from a number of studies.
Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have better health by simply applying positive thinking? It’s definitely worth looking into.

Better Health with Positive Thinking

A recent study completed by Dutch doctors measured how positive thinking impacted men’s health.

545 men between 64 and 84 years old participated in the study and the results showed that men who displayed an optimistic attitude with positive thoughts and words were half as likely to suffer from cardiovascular problems.

Those findings alone should get you to practice positive thinking regularly.

Doctors believe the reason those who apply positive thinking  experience better health is because the positive thoughts helps strengthen their immune system and gives them more energy. So how can you use positive thinking and better health.

On the other hand, those who don’t think positive tend to have a weaker immune system and cannot fight off diseases as easily.

Positive thinking and the Mind-Body connection

Researchers now claim that there is a very special connection between the brain and the body. They state that thoughts have a direct impact on the physical body. The old saying, “You are what you think” holds true in many circumstances.

For example, a person who is continually thinking they are going to get sick may actually talk their body into getting sick. The fear of sickness and the mind engaging in continual thoughts about getting sick can actually wear the immune system down, making it easy for sickness and disease to come.

Make no mistake about this: Your thoughts affect your body.

How you can apply positive thinking?

Now that you know your thoughts play a significant role in your health, you can learn how to apply positive thinking. It is important that you take a few days to gauge what your thought patterns look like.

Do you tend to have more positive or negative thoughts? Do you tend to dwell on negative thoughts? Are you more likely to be pessimistic or optimistic?

Once you’ve done this, make the effort to reduce the amount of negative thoughts you entertain.

Make a list of the predominant negative thoughts and replace those with positive thoughts. Every time you catch yourself thinking a negative thought, immediately replace it with a positive one.

As you do this, you’ll be retraining your brain to think positive. You’ll be changing your mindset for the better and as a result, you mental and physical health will be better.

The truth is that everyone encounters difficult situations in life. You will be faced with opportunities to become disappointed, angry, sad, and so on.

What will help you to get through those times and have good mental and physical health is a lifestyle of positive thinking.

You can begin today to feel hope that the change you need to make to become a super optimistic person is easy.

You can start right now by declaring, “I commit to thinking positive no matter what comes my way. I am ultra optimistic and I believe that positive thinking will foster great success and health in life.” Creating new positive beliefs will help a great deal and is all part of applying positive thinking for better health.