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Positive Thinking For Better Health

By Karim Hajee

So you catch a cold and your friend says, just apply some positive thinking can lead to better health. You think you’ll bounce back in no time. Sure, it sounds easy enough and it might even help.

More and more researchers are studying the benefits of positive thinking and they’re finding that those with a healthy, positive and optimistic attitude tend to recover quicker and avoid major health setbacks.

While positive thinking isn’t a cure for the common cold it may help you recover sooner. And Doctors are also finding that carrying that healthy, positive and optimistic attitude into the hospital ahead of any major surgery also helps patients recover quickly and easily.

Is there really a mind-body connection when it comes to positive thinking?

More and more Doctors are encouraging their patients to remain optimistic, to be positive and to look on the bright side.

So try to see the glass as half full and not half empty.

But that may not be easy, especially if you have a mind filled with negative thoughts, and negative beliefs.

Most people carry more negative thoughts than positive thoughts. It’s safe to say that there are generally more negative thinkers than positive thinkers.

Now that you know positive thinking can help you live longer and overcome the common cold you want to change. And you can. It’s just going to take some time.

Implementing Positive Thinking For Better Health

To go from being that doom and gloom negative thinker (or just an average negative thinker) to being more optimistic and positive you have to practice what is commonly known as positive thinking.

You do that by changing your negative thoughts. Of course it helps to be aware of your negative thoughts and most people don’t even realize just how many negative thoughts they have during the day. So track your thoughts. Think about what you want to achieve and see if your thoughts about succeeding are positive or negative. If they’re negative, you have to change them. If they’re positive – keep them and expand on them.

For positive thinking to work you have to have more positive thoughts than negative thoughts. When you think about succeeding you should fill your mind with positive thoughts.

It also helps to think about why you can succeed, how you can succeed, why you’re capable of succeeding. Then see your success. This is more commonly known as visualization, so visualize your success.

Once you develop positive beliefs, once you truly believe that you can and will succeed then you’ve developed positive thinking. And this kind of positive thinking will help you enjoy life, live longer and be healthier.

I show you how to develop positive thinking and how to change those negative thoughts and create positive beliefs that allow you to succeed in my free Positive Thinking e-course and newsletter.