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Positive Thinking: Why It Doesn’t Work

Have you ever met someone who talked about positive thinking all the time?  Almost every day they talk about all the positive affirmations they recite every morning and how happy they are, but you know that they struggle day in and day out with sadness or another negative emotions.

Sometimes positive thinking does help, but in some cases positive thinking doesn’t work.  For example, let’s say David is the guy who is always talking about how positive thinking has changed his life, yet he continues to have anger outbursts when things don’t go his way.  Clearly, the repetition of positive thinking doesn’t work for him.

Positive Thinking: Not Getting Results with Positive Thinking?

Not getting results with positive thinking no matter what you try?
Positive thinking doesn’t work in some cases because your focus may be off track.  You might say: “I don’t want to be broke”, but according to the law of attraction, what you focus on you actually attracts more of.  Since your focus is on being “broke”, you’re attracting things into you life that will make sure that you stay broke.  You must not use words like “don’t” or “not” when it comes to positive affirmations.

Another reason why positive thinking doesn’t work is because sometimes an individual simply represses negative feelings instead of embracing them, processing them, and letting them go.  They act like they’re not real or try to cover them up with positive thinking, which can hurt them in the long run.  It’s good not to dwell on negative thoughts, but repressing negative emotions and saying, “Oh, I’ll just think positive and everything will be fine” is not always the answer.

Lastly, positive thinking doesn’t work for those who are not sincere in their efforts.  Positive thinking is not a magic pill that automatically changes the mindset in a day or two.  Positive thinking also needs to be followed with positive action for success.  If you simply think positive thoughts while trying to get that promotion, but don’t do your work on time or blatantly gossip with your co-workers, your actions aren’t lining up with your positive thoughts. You must be sincere and follow up with positive action.

Positive thinking doesn’t work when you aren’t enjoying your journey

When it comes to positive thinking, try to focus on enjoying the journey as opposed to just thinking about enjoying the outcome.  If you strive for a happy feeling when you reach some outcome, you might not experience happiness through the journey.  Resist the urge to push, push, push and do more, more, more.  Utilize positive thinking and visualization, but don’t save the happiness only for when you’ve accomplished the goal or acquired what you want.

As the saying goes, “Take time to stop and smell the roses.”  Focus on what you love and as a byproduct, positive thoughts will automatically be running around in your mind.  Sure, sometimes you’ll encounter a negative thought, but when this happens, simply recognize it and the let it float away.

Granted, positive thinking doesn’t work sometimes, but if you understand how to make it work for you, it can do wonders.  Many people have declared that they’ve retrained their thought patterns to go from negative to positive by using positive thinking.  You can too!