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The Power Of Positive Thinking

Working With Positive Thinking
You may have heard that those who go through life with a positive attitude and are regularly working with positive thinking enjoy more happiness than those who don’t.It is certainly the truth because positive thoughts trigger positive feelings and positive feelings trigger positive actions.

Positive thinking equals more success and happiness.

Why You need to begin Working with positive thinking

If you’re not used to tracking your thoughts, it’s time to learn how and make the commitment to rid yourself of negative thoughts while filling your mind with positive thinking.

So What kinds of thoughts run through your mind? What kinds of thoughts are in your subconscious mind? Are they mostly positive, negative, or about the same?

Once you know what you’re working with, you’ll know if you how much work you have to do.  Working with positive thinking requires that you monitor your thoughts and replace any negative thoughts with positive ones.

For example, if you are trying to finish a task and are thinking that you won’t get done in time, you might begin to think thoughts like: “I’m never going to get done” or “I always end up taking longer than expected.”  If you catch yourself thinking this way, immediately replace those thoughts with positive thoughts such as: “I can get this task done on time. I’m very good at getting my tasks done in plenty of time. I can do it.”

Positive thinking becomes a habit

Most likely, if you engage in negative thinking a lot it’s because it’s become a habit over the years.

The good news is that bad habits can be broken with effort and consistency.

Experts say that a habit can be broken in 21 days.

If you find yourself thinking more negative thoughts than positive, or if your moods are predominantly negative, it is time to start working with positive thinking.

Designate the next 21 days to begin working with positive thinking. You do this by tracking your thoughts daily, especially your thoughts about your goals and the kind of life you want.

Replace the negative thoughts that come, the kind that say you can’t do something or that things won’t work out. Instead, of letting those thoughts linger in your mind, change them and push yourself to think about why you can succeed, why you can get things and why things will work out.

Begin working with positive thinking as soon as possible to break the bad habit of negative thinking.  It will take some time and effort, but within a short time you will find yourself thinking more positively and feeling better emotionally.  It really can be a life changing thing!

Have you ever met someone who was happy almost all the time?  If so, it is most likely because they’ve learned the power of positive thinking and have applied it to their lives.

Working with positive thinking will do you wonders mentally and you’ll find yourself becoming happier at home, at work, and wherever you go.

Make that commitment today.  Begin to change your mindset by monitoring your thoughts and removing the negative thoughts byu replacing them with positive thoughts.

Get excited about your efforts to change your perspectives and declare to your family and friends that you are becoming a positive thinker.  Before you know it you will feel better and your mindset will turn from negative to positive thinking. How wonderful is that!?