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Power of Positive Thinking

How To Think Positive
To reap the benefits of positive thinking you need to know how to think positive so that you find solutions and make the right choices easily.
The ability to take a positive perspective, and think positive regularly will help in all areas of your life. You’ll feel better mentally, emotionally, and even physically.

You’ll also attract more happy people into your life, because happy people tend to seek out other happy people to befriend. That’s why it’s important to know how to think positive.

Learn how to think positive through self-talk

Self-talk is simply talking to yourself in your mind or out loud.

You’re always engaging in self-talk through your conscious and unconscious thoughts. To learn and practice positive thinking, you track and understand how you talk to yourself.

If your self-talk tends to be negative, an easy solution is to change it to positive self-talk.  It’s just a matter of switching thoughts from negative to positive. You change your inner dialogue from negative to positive.

Don’t settle for being a pessimist.

Declare that you will be an optimist from this day forward.

When something happens that you don’t like you’ll naturally fill your mind with negative thoughts. But by monitoring your inner dialogue you’ll be aware when you’re negative. You should immediately engage in positive self talk.

For example, if you get an unexpected bill in the mail and you would normally begin thinking of how unfair it is and how broke you are, think instead about the fact that you have hands that can open the bill and a job that brings you a decent income.  Grasp for positive thoughts at that moment and you’ll feel better.

How to think positive through guided imagery

Guided imagery is simply filling your mind with an image or scene that you like.

To better think positive, fill your mind with positive images and scenes about your life.

If you struggle with negative thoughts about your job, see yourself being happy at work or landing that new job you’ve been hoping for.

If you’re sad because you want a romantic relationship, fill your mind with images of you and your soul mate having fun in many different ways.

Do this for any area of your life that you’re not satisfied with, areas that you want to improve or make better.  And do this repeatedly.

The repetitive nature of guided imagery will help you change your thinking from negative to positive.

Our thoughts create our reality and in order to learn positive thinking, your thoughts and mental images ought should be positive and focused on what you want.

Stop imagining the worst case scenario and start imagining a glorious life.  Fill your mind with images of you having exactly what you want.

You can think more positive with positive associations

What kinds of people do you hang around with? Are they positive or negative people?  The old saying, “You become who you hang out with” has a great deal of truth to it.  If you want to learn positive thinking, associate with people who think and act positive.

Seek out those who view life with a positive perspective – even when times get tough.

The energy surrounding positive people is positive and it is infectious.

Before long you will find yourself thinking and feeling more positive, which will impact your entire life.

If you’ve been hanging around people who are sad, angry, or simply don’t care, limit your time with them.

Tell them that you really want to work on your attitude and become more positive and unless they want to as well, you don’t want to be around them as much.

Make a commitment to engage in positive self-talk and fill your mind with pictures of you enjoying the life you want.

Think it, see it, and feel it now.  As you do, you’ll be well on your way to learning how to think positive in every situation.