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Working With Positive Thinking

How To Deal With Negative People with Positive Thinking
Negative people can be exhausting and drain so much energy from you.When you’re negative, positive thinking might be the furthest thing from your mind.You might not even realize how your negative energy sucks your positive energy right out of you. You might wonder why you feel so bad at the end of the day when you’ve endured negativity at work, at school, and so on. It’s all those negative thoughts that are draining you.

Get Rid of All That Negative Energy

What can you do about this?

First you’ll need to figure out who all the negative people are in your life.  Who are you around that tend to complain, put you down or constantly whine? You want to limit your time with these people. They’re negative energy will destroy your life.

If you can’t stay away from such people, like co-workers for example, you can detach and apply positive thinking to deal with the situation.

For example, if you work with someone who constantly complains, simply nod your head but don’t offer any empathy or advice; just smile and do your job.  Chances are he or she will get the hint that you don’t want to engage with the complaining or join in.

Negative people tend to feed off the reactions of others, so if you don’t show a reaction, you have a better chance of him or her taking their complaints somewhere else.

Reveal The Power Of Positive Thinking

Turn the tales around by saying positive things to those who are negative. Tell them how positive thinking helps you to get through your days and helps you be more optimistic and happy.

Let them know how you became such a positive thinker and maybe they’ll be interested in changing their mindset as well.

Negative thinking and saying negative things all the time may be a habit for them and you can be the one to let them know that they can break that habit and re-train their brain to become accustomed to positive thinking.

Give them a good challenge

If you come across negative people, give them a good challenge.

Tell them that you dare them to try thinking positive for a few days straight to see if they can break their bad habit of thinking negative.

Tell them how positive thinking worked for you and it can work for them too.

It really is just getting into the habit of thinking happier, positive thoughts instead of filling your mind with negative thoughts.

Tell them to stop dwelling on the past and worrying about the future.

Have them visualize the best case scenario in every area of their lives.

Sometimes people need to challenged in order to make changes for the better.

Don’t take it personal

Sure this is easier said than done, but try not to take the things negative people say personal.

Some people just like to complain or be harsh on others.

Ever had a boss that gets very stressed out and takes it out on you?  Try not to take it personally. Feel free to lovingly express how you don’t care for their negativity, but if your expression does not change their behavior, simply smile and remain focused on your positive thinking.

Some people may always be caught up in their own negative worlds and nothing you say or do will change them, so it’s best to just let their words and attitudes wash off of you.

Continue to be a positive influence but visualize a protective shield around you that won’t allow negative energy to penetrate.

You can deal with negative people with positive thinking. It may take some practice, but keep it up and know that your positive thinking may eventually have an influence on them. That’s how to deal with negative people with positive thinking.