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Positive thinking works

by Karim Hajee

Positive Thinking Works…

Positive thinking creates more wealth, more success, more joy, better health, inner Peace.
more Confidence, and so much more.

Positive thinking is something you have to practice everyday.

You can’t think positive once in a while.

You can’t wait until things go wrong to apply positive thinking.
It won’t work as quickly as you want.

It may not even work at all.

That’s because you first have to change the thoughts that led to the situation you’re in.

And you can do that by practicing positive thinking everyday, it’s pretty easy and it just requires a little discipline.

Positive thinking will change your life.

The Power Of Positive Thinking

Positive thinking means filling your mind with positive thoughts.
You have to carry a positive attitude.
You have to speak positive words.
You have to remain optimistic even when things don’t work out.
You have to appreciate your life.
You have to remain optimistic.

To get results with positive thinking you have to apply it everyday.

But you’ve got a mind filled with negative thoughts.
You think about how things don’t work out for you.
You have doubts.
You’re not appreciating your life.
You complain and think about what’s wrong.
You magnify mistakes.
You get pessimistic.
And so you continue to struggle and can’t get ahead.

If you’re not getting what you want then you’re more negative than positive.

You have to change that.

And you have to develop a positive thinking pattern.

Push yourself to find positive situations everyday.
Say positive things.
Stop complaining.
Be optimistic.

Get rid of the negative thinking
And get rid of the limiting thoughts and beliefs.

You have to do this everyday.

That’s because everyday you’re sending instructions to your
subconscious mind and inner powers.

Those instructions are your thoughts, beliefs,
attitudes and conversations.

When your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and
instructions are positive your subconscious mind and
inner powers create positive situations.

With the right kind of positive thinking you’ll have more success.
More wealth.
More happiness.
Better health.
And you’ll enjoy life.

Start sending the right instructions to your
messages to your subconscious mind and inner powers.
Develop positive thinking so that it works.
Practice positive thinking so you get results.
Change the way you think and see things.

Doctors, Researchers, Scientists have all proven that people with a healthy positive attitude live a longer, healthier more fulfilling life.

While those with negative thinking patterns
struggle and suffer more.

And they’ve also proven that by getting rid of the negative thinking you can turn things around and enjoy a better life.
There’s no reason to struggle.
You can enjoy success.
You can live the life you want.
You can have that great relationship, that better job,
a better business…
You can live in the home you always wanted and you can be the confident person who succeeds all
the time when you implement positive thinking regularly.

You are a powerful person.
More powerful than you realize.
Believe in yourself and believe in your abilities.
You can accomplish anything you want.
Today’s the day you take control of your life.
Today you direct your inner powers and subconscious mind.
Today you create the life you want.
Start changing your thoughts.
Get rid of the negative thoughts.
Create positive thoughts and practice positive thinking everyday.

Things won’t change instantly.
But life will slowly improve.
Your attitude will slowly change.
You’ll become more optimistic and when you are more positive than negative you’ll begin to see dramatic changes.
There’s real power in positive thinking but you have to implement it, apply it everyday and when you do you’ll see real changes. It’s not magic, it’s just the power of positive thinking.