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Turn Negative Thinking Into Positive Thinking

Negative thinking can and will destroy your life, and that’s why you need to change those negative thoughts into positive thinking. A mind filled with negative thoughts will make you miserable and lead to failure after failure no matter how hard you try to succeed.

If you have a pattern of negative thinking you’ll end up in debt and get stuck in destructive or negative relationships. 

If you want to succeed, enjoy happiness and live a life of abundance, and prosperity you have to eliminate any chronic negative thinking, and negative beliefs that you hold.

You also have to replace those negative thoughts with positive thinking and optimistic thoughts that allow you to succeed and enjoy life.

You can get rid of negative thinking relatively easily and replace it with powerful, positive thinking so that you create the life you want.

Power of Positive Thinking

We all have negative thoughts.

The occasional negative thought has little or no impact.

It’s the chronic negative thinking that destroys your life and these are the thought patterns that need to be replaced as soon as possible.

What are these thoughts and where do they come from?

They come from your parents, friends, your family, fellow co-workers, advisers, teachers, even strangers – and they come from you – that’s right! You often create most of the negative thoughts that you have and it’s only because you haven’t trained your mind to be positive and you haven’t created positive beliefs that allow you to succeed.

Everyday you’re bombarded with a series of negative thoughts, negative messages and as you continue to absorb all of these negative messages you create a negative thinking pattern that leads to negative and limiting beliefs.

In the end all that negative thinking and all those limiting beliefs lead to an unhappy or negative life.

Negative thoughts are like weeds. If you don’t take care of them and clear them early, they will take over your entire mind and destroy any positive thoughts and beliefs.

As a child your mind is much like a fresh, vibrant, sparkling garden; bright, lively, lush and untainted by the weeds of negative thinking.

As you get older; the weeds of negative thinking start to pop up.  When you don’t control them they spread and wipe out all that was lush and positive in your mind and in your life.

The weeds of negative thinking not only taint your mind, they spill over into your life and start destroying all that you treasure and appreciate.

But just like a garden you can fix or correct the problem.

You can eliminate the weeds, plant new seeds and create a new life and a new way of thinking;one that will allow you to enjoy life a great deal.


You start by replacing the weeds of negative thinking with positive thinking, positive feelings, and begin spreading this positive message  to other people.

When you have a negative thought that says you can’t do something, change it and think of why you can succeed.

When you think of what might go wrong, change those negative thoughts and think about what can go right.

When you feel that you can’t accomplish something, think of why you can accomplish something.

Recite affirmations. These are the seeds of your new positive thoughts.

Work with as many techniques as you can to get rid of the weeds and plant new seeds for positive thinking and positive living.

You have to continue nurturing your mind with positive feedback and then only will things start to change.

When will this change happen?

When you’re ready and when you eliminate the negative thinking.

Start removing the negative thoughts that create the weeds of your mind today. 

Begin changing negative and limiting beliefs now.

Empower yourself with positive thoughts and positive beliefs.

Tend to the garden of your mind.

Discover and begin removing the weeds of negative and limiting thinking.

Replace these weeds with new seeds of positive thinking, positive feelings and positive living.

Continue watering your new garden in your mind by working with positive affirmations and other positive techniques.

This will keep the weeds of negative thinking out of your mind and help you move in a new, positive direction.

This is your life – make the most of it.

Don’t let the weeds of negative thinking destroy your life.

Eliminate the weeds, plant new seeds for positive thinking and positive living – and you’ll begin creating the life you want.

You are a powerful human being.

You can create the kind you life you want quickly and easily.

Start directing the power of your mind and subconscious mind to create the life you want now and turn the negative thoughts into positive thinking that leads to greater success today. You’ll soon turn negative thinking into positive thinking.