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Positive Thinking To Change Your Life

By Karim Hajee

With the right kind of positive thinking you can change your life and make significant improvements while achieving your goals.
I know you want changes right away. Especially if you’re not enjoying life or not achieving any of your goals.
Positive thinking can and will help. But it’s not an instant fix. You have to stay consistent and continually apply positive thinking.

Any changes you want to make will take time.

How long?

That really depends on what you want to change and how often you work with positive thinking exercises. If you start today, don’t expect changes tomorrow. Just expect that these changes will happen as you continue to work with specific techniques and positive thinking exercises.

As you change your thinking, as you go from negative thinking to positive thinking it will take some time for your new, positive way of thinking to take hold and impact your life.

Like most people, you probably have more negative thoughts than positive thoughts. If you want to enjoy success and create changes, that has to change. You have to get to a point where you have more positive thoughts than negative. Otherwise you won’t be able to create the changes you want.

If you want to change things in your life but you’re not having any success then it’s a clear sign that your negative thoughts are dominating. Your life is a mirror of what you regularly think about.

When you want to create changes you have to change your thinking.
Otherwise you’ll keep getting the things you don’t want and you’ll never be able to change things.

So how do you go about creating changes with positive thinking?

How to Use Positive Thinking for Change

Here’s what needs to be done:

  • Decide what you want to change in your life.
  • Track your thoughts about what you want to change.
  • Write down the negative thoughts that come up in relation to what you want to change.
  • Replace Negative thoughts with positive thoughts.
  • Do this everyday.
  • Keep repeating the process

Saying you want to be positive or telling yourself to just think positive is easier said then done.

Positive thinking is an everyday practice, it’s something you have to do everyday. You have to push yourself to be optimistic and fill your mind with optimistic thoughts. This will help you create the changes you want.

So think about what you want to change. Don’t think about what’s wrong or what you don’t want. Your thoughts have to focus on the positive – so think about what you want.

An example of thinking about what you don’t want is something like the following:

I don’t want to be poor.
I don’t want to be fat
I don’t want to be stressed
I don’t want to be in debt

You should think about what you DO want and what you want has to be in the positive tense. This is important if you want your new positive thinking to work.

Change the above to what you want, so they would likely sound like:

I want to be wealthy
I want to be thin and in great shape
I want to get things done, and enjoy life.
I want to payoff my bills and have some extra money for me.

You now have some new thoughts or new statements that you can work with during the day. These are affirmations that you can repeat when you think about what you want to change.

Once you know what you want to change in your life simply apply the process that I just outlined and you’ll come up with your own statements or your own positive affirmations.

By implementing these new positive thoughts you apply the power of positive thinking and remember – your life is a mirror of your thoughts. The more often you work with these thoughts the sooner you’ll see changes. That’s how positive thinking works. It takes time but it does work.

You should also expand this process and apply it to all areas of your life. You can even go one step further and remove or replace as much negative thinking as you can with positive thinking.

You may have to come up with more positive statements but as you do this regularly it will get easier. The best way to create changes is to always focus on what you want and apply positive thinking as often as you can. Don’t wait for a disaster to strike to begin using positive thinking. You can create the changes you want easily when you start working with positive thinking today.

As you start thinking positive and work towards creating changes you’ll naturally have some doubts. When that happens treat them as negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts. Then think about what you want to change and begin doing what you need to do to create the changes you want.

Keep in mind that you have a lot of negative thoughts and negative thinking that needs to be changed. By working with positive thinking you’ll be able to get rid of negative thoughts but some of them will stay and linger for a while. That’s okay. The goal is to be more positive than negative. And this process that I outlined works.

Work with positive thinking everyday and you’ll see results sooner. Replace the negative thoughts with positive thinking. Focus on the changes you want to create, focus on improving your life, practice positive thinking daily and you’ll create the changes you want sooner.