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How Positive Thinking Works

Positive thinking works and it is something you should be learning about and applying every day.
The mind is continually thinking and those thoughts are either positive or negative.  In order to have optimal mental and emotional health, you want to understand how positive thinking works and you want your thoughts to be mainly positive.

The mind was created to think positive naturally.  Infants and young toddlers naturally think positive thoughts. Babies are normally happy unless they are hungry or tired. As they grow, they tend to learn how to think negative.  The Creator of the mind thought it important to create a system that would allow each individual to operate at positive, full potential.

If you think of the mind like a computer, thoughts are like the operating system. Positive thoughts are like software designed for the computer’s operating system and negative thoughts are not compatible with the operating system. Your goal should be to have positive thoughts running through your “operating system” for optimal performance.

Mental health experts assert that depressed people consistently have negative thoughts running through their minds.  The negative thoughts become beliefs and those beliefs tend to control moods and emotions. They do not understand the role negative thoughts are playing in their lives.

Positive Thinking and your life

Most people do not take the time to really gauge how their thoughts are impacting their life.  They may struggle with depression, anger, anxiety, etc. and not realize that much of their present moods and emotions are due to their negative mindsets. In order to understand how positive thinking works, take some time to gauge your thoughts. Do you think more positive or more negative thoughts throughout the day? What are your moods like?  Do you consider yourself happy most of the time?

Thoughts are like huge magnets.  If your thoughts are positive, you will attract positive things into your life. If your thoughts are negative, you will attract negative things into your life.  Good news is that if you struggle with a negative mindset, you can change that mindset from negative to positive with some insight on how positive thinking works and a little bit of effort.

You can retrain your brain.  You can begin to say no to negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts.  Some people use positive affirmations to make this change. A positive affirmation is simply a positive statement.  For example, if you continually think, “I will never be successful”, replace that thought with, “I am a successful person in all areas of my life.”  Say this every time you catch yourself thinking the negative thought and even throughout the day randomly.

A belief is just a thought that you keep thinking, so in order to have positive beliefs, be sure that your thoughts are positive.  Make a list of positive affirmations and recite them out loud every day.  Memorize them and meditate on them often.  This is what it will take to retrain your brain.  Many people have been able to do this and you can too.  With the right tools, some determination, and effort you can become a person who understands how positive thinking works and think and feel positive; thus, feeling wonderful.