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How Positive Thinking Rewires Your Brain

There’s now proof that suggests positive thinking rewires the brain. We’ve always heard that positive thinking does an individual good.  This is in fact true, but not many are aware that positive thinking actually rewires your brain in a physical way.  Many experts assert that the actual brain makeup changes as you continually meditate and confess positive thoughts.

The study of this is called neuroplasticity, which means that thoughts can change the actual structure of the brain.  William James was the actual founder of this field of study way back in 1890, but scientists back then rejected his claims that the brain’s structure could be changed simply by thoughts.

Today many scientists accept his assertion and much study has and is being done in neuroplasticity.  What this means for you is that the assumption that maintaining positive thoughts on a consistent basis will change the structure of your brain and you will indeed feel more positive.  This is extremely good news for those who struggle with negative, self-defeating, and depressive thoughts.

Positive Thinking Re-wires the Brain

Doctors have even seen positive results for stroke patient’s who lost their ability to speak or walk.  With the assumption that the brain can reshape neural pathways that were damaged due to a stroke, doctors focus on positive thinking therapy to heal or reshape the damaged neural pathways.  They are seeing positive results.

In the same way, those who continually think negatively can retrain their brain to stop the negative thoughts and begin positive thoughts.  It is through repetition that the change can take place. It is through monitoring every thought that comes into the mind. If a negative thought comes, you must immediately let it go and replace it with a positive thought.

Develop Positive Thinking by Changing Your Thoughts

First, monitor your thoughts for about a week.  Write down the kinds of thoughts you think consistently.  Are you dwelling in the past? Are you thinking and worrying about the future? Are you thinking you will never be successful? That you can’t get over your breakup? That you will never find love? That you will lose your job?  Do your best to become aware of what is going on in your mind.

After a week, take a look at what you’ve written down.  Then make a list of positive affirmations to replace the negative thoughts.  An affirmation is simply a positive statement.  Write down as many positive affirmations that you can think of. You can also Google “positive affirmations” and “positive thinking” and find many more.

Once you’ve done this, apply the positive affirmations to your life.  Recite them out loud on a daily basis. Every time you catch yourself thinking a negative thought, immediately replace it with a positive thought- even if you don’t feel like it.  You might get “the look” from your boss at work and normally your mind would start thinking thoughts like, “I’ll never move up in this company. The boss hates me. How could I be so stupid?”  NO!  Say no to those thoughts and begin reciting mentally or out loud your positive affirmations.

“I am very successful.  I am moving up in this company. My boss likes me and affirms me. I perform all of my tasks on time and with excellence.  I am the best at my position.”  Even if you don’t feel like it, you must recite positive affirmations to get your thought life positive. This is what will rewire your brain over time.

Be consistent with positive thinking.  If you slack off, you might find yourself reverting back to old negative thinking patterns.  Rest assured that you can rewire your brain and you can become a person who thinks and feels positive the vast majority of the time.