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How Positive Thinking can help youHow Positive Thinking Can Help You

By Karim Hajee

How can positive thinking help? It’s a question I get asked especially from those who are going through a traumatic situation, have experienced a setback or are in an unhappy situation.

Positive thinking is not a quick fix for a negative situation. Instead, it’s a long term solution and this is now backed by science as more and more researchers look at the impact of positive thinking and positive beliefs.

Here’s how positive thinking can help you

By regularly having positive thoughts you change the way your mind works and you actually re-shape the brain, allowing it to want to experience more positive outcomes and more happiness.

At the same time you become more optimistic and by being more optimistic you’re more open minded and able to see new opportunities to help you succeed, accomplish a goal and overcome a setback.

Sure you will have some negative thoughts no matter how positive you try to be. However, as you fill your mind with positive thoughts those negative thoughts have less of an impact.

When those negative thoughts of doom and gloom weaken you’re less likely to stay depressed and more likely to bounce back from a setback much sooner.

This means you’ll be able to bounce back from a setback, recover from that traumatic event, and begin to experience more joy and more happiness.

How can you use Positive Thinking?

Positive thinking isn’t just about saying affirmations when things go wrong. Instead, you should develop a list of 3 or 4 affirmations that focus on the important areas that you want to change or improve. Then recite them as often as you can throughout the day. Rotate them so you say some at different times of the day. I also recommend you say one of them as you go to bed at night.

Next you should focus on at least 3 positive things that took place during the day. These can even be minor events like having a pleasant conversation, having a door opened for you, or getting to work on time. Try to vary them from day to day so you’re not focusing on the same events every day.

Keep a gratitude journal and write down things that you’re grateful for that took place each day.

I know these events may sound trivial and simplistic but they are very effective because they force you to focus on positive events and recite positive statements. All of which will reduce the negativity that’s slowing you down and creating more pain.

Scientists have also found that by simply focusing on the positive aspects of your life you move from feeling incapable of improving your situation to feeling empowered. The latter leads to more opportunities to help you succeed and enjoy life.

When To Use Positive Thinking

How often you use positive thinking will ultimately determine whether you go from being negative to being positive and enjoying life.

Simply using positive thinking once in a while or when things go wrong won’t really help because that’s using it as a band aid to try and cover up a negative situation. Your negative thoughts will be far too strong and will prevent any positive thinking from having an impact.

To reap the full benefits of positive thinking you need to start doing some of the things I outlined and practice positive thinking every day – not just once in a while.

If you do that you’ll see some changes in 2 to 6 months – it all depends on how you use positive thinking and how often.

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Karim Hajee
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