How Positive Thinking Works

How Positive Thinking Works

Positive thinking is about having the right mental attitude that focuses the mind on having thoughts, beliefs, images, and words that support you and allow you to grow, be better, and push you to succeed or do better in life.

It’s a mental attitude that concentrates on expecting good things to happen, positive situations to unfold and positive results. When you have a positive mindset, you always expect more joy, happiness, better health, greater success and all this also helps you reduce your stress levels.

Basically, what ever your mind thinks and believes is what you expect. Expect positive situations and you’ll get positive outcomes.

A lot of people don’t believe in positive thinking and don’t feel that positive thinking actually works. Some will even call it nonsense or laugh at those who follow it.

Usually these are people who have never really applied positive thinking, don’t have a positive thinking mindset can be considered negative thinkers.


Those who are successful with positive thinking know how to work with it and apply it properly so that they get results.

More and more people are turning to positive thinking including Doctors and Scientists. This is mainly because more research is being done on the subject and there are more and more books and courses to help develop positive thinking patterns.

At some point you’ve probably heard somebody say “Think positive” (maybe you’ve said it yourself) when things don’t work out or when they’re feeling down. But most don’t know what that really means, don’t take it seriously and don’t know how to think positive. People will often say “Think positive” but they don’t really know how the power of positive thinking works.

Here’s an example of how positive thinking works.

Dave wants to make more money: he feels he has to make more money. He’s been at a job that pays a little more than minimum wage for the last 3 years. He doesn’t have a lot of self confidence, doesn’t really think he can accomplish much in life and has a pretty negative outlook. If you ask him how he’s doing – he’ll say: “Not bad”

He often shows up for work late, tired, thinks and believes that others are lucky or just better than him and that’s why they make more money. He regularly displays his negative attitude by often talking about how bad things are, how terrible the world is, how everybody is out to make his life difficult, complains about his wife and anything he can find.

He’s applied for other jobs in the past but has never been able to get something better. He tried to move up in the company but he hasn’t been able to. His performance reviews are usually negative so Dave feels he has nothing to be positive or optimistic about.

Glenn, works at the same company as Dave. They started on the same day at the same job. Dave is a pretty optimistic guy and displays a lot of confidence. When he started working at the same company he was sure he was going to move up and be Manager. He had no doubt and was ready to do everything he could to move up. He always helped and encouraged others, never complained, he’s full of energy and is always at work on time.

If you ask Glenn how he’s doing he’ll say: “Fantastic, another great day.” Glenn always thinks about how lucky he is to be working and earning a living and is always thankful. Within a year of working, Glenn moved up to Assistant Manager and today is the Manager of his division and is about to become Vice President.

What’s the difference between these 2 people?

It’s all in their attitude and thought process. When you have a positive attitude you focus on the positive aspects of your life. This creates positive energy, you start to have positive and optimistic feelings, you see yourself in a positive light, you have more confidence, you believe in yourself and you believe that you can and will succeed. Your overall health improves because you take positive steps to stay healthy; you create and send out this positive energy that others pick up on. They’re drawn to you and begin to help you succeed even more.

Positive thinking and negative thinking spread. Thoughts are energy, they vibrate. And you pick up on thoughts of the people around you. It all happens on the subconscious – you just get a feel about others. You’re picking up on their thought energy and patterns. Negative thinkers will attract negative people and they will continue to have more negative thoughts, negative energy and build a negative life.

Positive thinking people attract positive people and positive situations. They will enjoy positive outcomes and live a positive life. Negative thinkers don’t want to be around positive thinking people. And positive thinkers don’t want to be around negative thinking people.

How can you develop Positive thinking?

To go from being negative to positive, you have to star with the mind and what you think about all the time. Track your thoughts can change the negative thoughts to positive thoughts.

Watch what you say – try to say positive things to people, avoid complaining and saying negative statements.

Read as much as you can about positive thinking.

Take courses that show you how to develop positive thinking.

Recite positive affirmations as often as you can.

At first your mind will resist new statements and put up a fight. But as you say your affirmations regularly and push your mind to be more positive changes will start to take place.

Change your internal dialogue from negative to positive. Focus on your positive qualities, give yourself positive encouragement.

Be persistent – you must make positive thinking a daily habit and don’t wait for things to go wrong to start thinking positive.

The more often you do the above the sooner you’ll develop positive thinking that will make life better.

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