Positive Thinking and Desire

Positive Thinking And Desire

Many times you'll have a desire to accomplish or do something but for some reason things just don't work out.


There are a number of reasons.

The main reason is becuase you don't have a positive thinking pattern that supports your desire and as a result you don't truly believe that you'll succeed.

Instead, you'll have a lot of negative thoughts about your desire, and negative thinking about achieving this goal.

Your desire may be to succeed. But there aren't enough positive thoughts to support that ambition. Your thinking isn't in line with your real desire.

To change this you have to go from negative thinking to positive thinking about your desire.

So think about what you want to accomplish, think about what you desire then start creating positive thoughts about that desire. You need to keep thinking about your desire in a positive way so that you begin to believe that you can and will succeed.


Another reason for not fulfilling your desire is because what you want is not positive - it maybe something negative. Here are examples: getting out of debt, getting even with someone, scamming someone, getting a loved one back into your life, and so on. Your desire has to be positive because if it isn't then you won't be able to develop the positive thinking that will support what your desire.

Successful athletes succeed because they have a strong desire, their desire is positive - winning (not punishing their opponent), and they have a positive thinking minset that supports their desire - they believe they can succeed.

Successful business people are successful because they have a strong desire to succeed, they have a positive thinking mindset and believe they can and will succeed.

Positive thinking fuels your desire. When you think positive, when your mind is filled with positive thoughts you're more likely to believe that you can achieve what you desire. It's great to have a desire - but you have to support that desire with positive thinking so that you believe you can and will succeed.

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